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Comprehensive Eye Exam
This is the most common exam Dr. Randle performs. He assesses your visual system capabilities,  ​evaluates your eye health, and prescribes glasses and various other medications to improve how your eyes operate.
Dry Eye Treatment
In a healthy eye, tears ensure the perfectly smooth ocular surface that is essential for clear vision. Every time we blink, a fresh layer of tears, called the tear film, spreads over the eye. Sometimes the eye may stop producing enough tears, or tears may evaporate too quickly. This common and often chronic condition is referred to as dry eye syndrome. We offer cutting-edge technology treatment with Intense Pulsed Light combined with Radio Frequency. 

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Eye Health Screenings
These screenings can include special testing and dilation. The purpose of an eye health screening is to further assess the progression and effects certain conditions may have on your eyes, such as diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eye syndrome, and others . Usually these screenings are recommended by the doctor on a case-by-case basis dependent on findings in your comprehensive exam.
Medical Visits
Medical visits cover a wide range of problems that can arise with your eyes and are subject to special testing and dilation. Examples of medical visits are eye infections, eye injuries, foreign object(s) in the eye, eye pain, sudden vision changes (flashes of light, floaters, shadows, etc.), and other concerns that are abnormal to your vision and your eye health.
Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lens patients require monitoring and testing that is beyond what is done in a standard eye exam. This may include:

  • Examination of the cornea to ensure health and look for complications from contact lens wear

  • Assessment of the contact lens on the eye for appropriate fit

  • Contact lens refraction to ensure correct contact lens power

  • Contact lens trial period

  • Follow up appointments to address any issues/ answer questions/ verify prescriptions

We have a broad selection of frames to choose from in the clinic and can order some frames as requested. We offer several lens options to suit your needs and can go over your options in detail when you choose a frame. 
Contact Lenses
We are happy to order contact lenses for anyone with a valid prescription. 
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